How to Hand Out Flyers. You come out of a grocery store and there is a flyer stuck under your windshield wiper. You arrive home and find a flyer taped to your front door. There is no doubt that flyers are an economical way for people to advertise and many businesses look for ways to hand out flyers.

Stay in a specific location. A mall or shopping center that has a high amount of foot traffic is a good location. As people walk by, hand them flyers. If a person has her hands full or is distracted, wait for the next person. If you can, answer any questions a person asks you.

Walk an established route. You can hand out thousands of flyers by walking an established route. You can find a route to walk by looking at demographics for the area and find the demographic that most closely matches the target clientele.

Tag vehicles. Depending on your city code, you may be able to leave flyers on vehicles. You need to place the flyer under a windshield wiper to prevent it from blowing away. You must be careful not to set off a vehicle alarm or scratch the vehicle with loose zippers or bags.

Join a program. There are some organizations, like the Chamber of Commerce, that have a welcome delivery system for new residents. If you would like to hand out flyers for this, you need to have the set amount of flyers to the organization. Some organizations may require you to place the flyers into the specific packaging.

Practice safety. Plan on handing out flyers during daylight hours. Have someone hand out flyers with you, especially in areas that are cause for concern. Beware of loose dogs. Skip any house or area that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Know the laws. You cannot deliver flyers to houses that are marked "No Handbills," "No flyers," or "No advertising." You are allowed to leave flyers at homes that have "No Soliciting" signs.


Do not put flyers in or on mailboxes. This is illegal.