How to Legally Mail Nail Polish

Mailing a package has regulations, especially when it comes to liquid or hazardous materials. Hazardous material is defined as any substance that can cause harm to a person. Nail polish is considered a hazardous item because of its chemical make up, specifically Orm-D. When mailing this item to friends, families or customers, you must follow specific rules. This item can not be shipped through the air, instead it must travel by ground services to its destination.

Wrap the bottle of nail polish in bubble wrap. Place in a secure, padded envelope. Seal the envelope shut.

Address the envelope with both the destination address and sender's address. Below the address in the lower right corner write on the envelope "ORM-D Consumer Commodity. Surface Mail Only."


Visit the post office and purchase ground mail shipping. You can also send items this way through Fed Ex or UPS.



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