How to Make a Line Sheet Template With Images Images

Line sheets are an effective tool used to layout information for potential clients. Business, whether they sell jewelry, shoes, clothing or exercies equipment, need ways to present their products to potential or repeat customers. Line sheets resemble the pages of catalogues. They group prodcuts together and present them in an orderly, attractive fashion, along with information and product details that will make purchasing the products much easier.

Open a word processing document or take out a sheet of sketch paper. If using sketch paper, clip out the images that you want on your line sheet and place them on your paper. If using a computer, paste the images into your document.

Click and drag the images around your dcument. Place them in such a fashion that they appear organized and neat. Often, rows and columns work well. Enlarge or minimize images by clicking on the corners of the pictures and moving your mouse inward or outward. If using sketch paper, do the same, moving the pictures around until they look presentable and each one can be clearly seen.

Write out information on the products that are represented by each picture beneath or beside the images. Include relevant information such as the style, model or product number, the sizing and colors available and the prices of the products. Type these if you are using a computer; you can also insert a textbox near the image and paste the information in there.

Draw or type a title across the top center of the line sheet page. This title should be the name of your company or your catalogue. In one or multiple corners of the line sheet, include other pertinent information such as the name of the collection, the delivery dates, and order or purchse information. Contact information should also be clear and legible. This can be typed or written on the template.

Double-check for errors, typos or glitches, especially before sending out or printing multiple copies of the template. Print, save, email or store the line sheet template for furture reference.