In the workplace, employees often cite appreciation for a well-done job as one of the most motivating things an employer can do. As an employer or even as a co-worker, giving praise and kudos to an employee can help raise their morale, because you are letting them know that they are not only doing something right, but that they are doing it well. You can praise your employees in numerous different ways.

Step 1.

Thank the employee directly for the job she did well. This is the easiest form of kudos you can offer, and it lets the employee know that you appreciate the work she does. Specify what achievement the employee did for which you are thanking her. Make the praise public as well to increase its effectiveness.

Step 2.

Know how frequently to praise employees. If you do not do it often enough, they may feel unappreciated, lowering morale and work ethic. If you do it too frequently, it will feel too false and meaningless. Some employees may do well with more frequent praise than others, however.

Step 3.

Praise your employee immediately after she's achieved success. Waiting too long, such as for a quarterly evaluation, lessens its effectiveness, and the employee might think you didn't notice the achievement when it actually happened.

Step 4.

Give your employee a small gift. Whether this is a written note of thanks or a gift card in a small amount, a gift as a direct result of the employee's performance can greatly boost his morale in the workplace.

Step 5.

Provide your employee with additional benefits if possible. For example, to show your true appreciation for an employee who has been working hard lately, you may offer a bonus or an extra couple of vacation days -- something that goes beyond a simple thanking.