Many money transactions are conducted with a printed check. The Printmaster X-550 is a vintage check writer printer that will print out your company's checks, saving you and your accounting department time that can be spent on more important things than writing checks. If your X-550 runs out of ink and needs to be re-inked you will need to purchase an X-55O roller and replace the old roller with a new roller with ink to continue printing checks.

Open the top lid of the X-550 by turning the key clockwise until it clicks. Pull the lid upward until it is removed.

Locate the ink roller drawer on the X-550. it is located on the bottom of the X-550. There will be two clips, one on each side of the printer.

Pull the clips of the ink roller toward the outside of the printer to release the ink roller. Pull the ink roller upward to remove it.

Place the new ink roller into the printer lining up the teeth on the end of the print roller with the roller's gear inside the printer. Push the lips on each side of the ink roller toward the inside of the printer to secure the ink roller in the printer.

Place the lid of the printer back on top and lock it in place by turning the key counterclockwise until it clicks.