Did you ever see a T-shirt or mug with a great logo and consider creating a similar item to sell? Or, do you imagine an amazing image and believe you can market it if you print it on an inexpensive shirt or cup? Many printers have the equipment to print customized digital images on a wide variety of items including T-shirts, towels and mugs. These companies provide a simple procedure for submitting your image and receiving the completed items quickly.

Step 1.

Create your logo. Design software programs, including GIMP, Picasa and PrintNet, offer design options that allow users to edit photos, create images and add text to generate a PDF or JPG file that a printer can print on an item. Create a high resolution file of at least 500 KB or more to create the clearest logo possible.

Step 2.

Select a printer. Many local printers have the equipment to print your logo on T-shirts and other customized items. Other companies work through the Internet allowing customers to submit files for printing.

Step 3.

Complete the steps the printing company provides to submit your file, select the customized item you want to print and choose the number of items you want to order.

Step 4.

Complete the payment details and place your order. Provide an address for the company to send your customized items.