Making a portfolio is an important task for a construction contractor. Planning ahead by taking pictures of your completed work is a good start. Your portfolio is a reflection of who you are and what you do. Your customers want to make sure that, if they hire you, the work will be completed on time, within budget and with quality workmanship. The best way to prove to a potential client that you are the right company for the job is to show your work product and provide referrals to support your good reputation.

Buy a high-quality camera that takes clear shots in light and dark interiors. Take pictures of the project before you start construction. Whether you are doing a before-and-after remodel or building from the ground up, snap a shot of the job prior to doing the work.

Build a website that quickly loads pictures and add a "Portfolio" link to your home page. Make copies on photo paper as well to include in the plastic sleeves of a three-ring binder that highlights your work.

Place your before-and-after pictures on your website and in your folder. Include short descriptions of each one, such as "Kitchen before remodel." Place your best work first; the pictures do not have to be in chronological order.

Use different pages for each type of construction project where you have been a contractor. Instead of placing all of your pictures on one page of your website or folder, categorize the jobs, such as "Decking" and "Second Stories."

Place a list of references in your three-ring binder. Make copies to give to customers after you have given a quote for the job. List your contractor's license number and your insurance and bonding information as well.

Include any pictures of your work that have been published in newspapers or magazines. If your finished product is highlighted in an architectural magazine, for example, that's an accomplishment that can help you win bids. Scan the pages so you can place them on your website, and put copies in your binder.