The transmittal of funds between banks is done through a network called Automated Clearing House, or ACH. You can do this online or in person at the bank. The sending bank may request that you make a transmittal statement to make your instructions clear. Once you know how to make a bank transmittal statement, you can readily transfer funds between bank accounts at different banks by filling out a transmittal statement online or at the bank itself.

Ask your bank for a transmittal statement, sometimes called a transmittal form. Obtain this form from the bank that will send the money for you. The form may also be available on the bank's website.

Fill in the company name, if you are sending funds for your company. Write the name as it appears on the company bank account. Use the same abbreviations, ampersands and capitalization as the official name on company checks. If you are sending from a personal account, you can leave the company name blank.

Fill in the sender's name. The sender must be an authorized person who is named on the account as someone who can write checks and make withdrawals. The bank has a list of authorized persons who can use the account, so you can check with a representative if you are unsure if the sender you are listing is qualified to initiate transactions on the account. If you are sending from your personal account, list yourself as the sender.

List the email address of the sender. This is where the bank will send a notification regarding the completion of transactions. Double-check spelling, periods and Internet service provider names. If you are initiating the transaction in person, you do not need to list an email address. The bank will give you a stamped receipt to verify the transmittal.

List transmittal batches. Each transaction involving the transfer of funds is called a batch. The first transmittal is batch number one, the second is number two and so on. For each batch, list the total dollar amount to be transmitted, plus the effective date -- the date you want the money transmitted. If you only have one transmittal, fill out the first batch information and cross out the rest, so no one can fill in additional amounts and dates.

Give your completed statement to a teller or other bank official. If you complete your transaction on the bank's website, you will find a button at the bottom of the transmittal statement that says "Send" or "Submit." Pressing this button will transfer your instructions to the bank.