How to Fundraise With Arbonne

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Take a different approach to fundraising, and work with Arbonne International. Approach the fundraiser with the intent to sell quality products such as body lotions, perfumes and colognes, face creams and various other types of goodies to the community. Arbonne fundraisers are organized through independent consultants, who are found throughout the United States. Prior to the fundraiser, set goals that you want the fundraiser to reach so when you meet with the representative you can create a timeline to effectively reach your monetary target.

Locate a consultant that handles fundraisers. Not all consultants want to handle the large amount of sales that come from fundraisers. Consultants can be found through referrals or at Arbonne's website.

Set a profit margin and sign a contract with the consultant. The consultant may need an upfront fee to purchase catalogs, order forms and display products.

Host an assembly to announce the fundraiser. Plan the assembly with ample time for the consultant to talk to children and parents about the products, and how selling will raise money for the school. Display the products for the kids and parents to view along with the monetary goals for the fundraiser.

Gather all order forms and money, and pass along to the consultant. The consultant will input all orders and give you a time for delivery. The order forms also will serve as the data sheets to link customers to their ordered products, so it is important not to lose the sheets.

Set a date for product pick-up. Prior to that date, sort through the products to ensure correct distribution.

Arrange for customers to arrive alphabetically by name to easily locate each bag. Attach the receipt for each order to the exterior of the bag so the name is visible and the product list is on top.

Collect the profit from the Arbonne representative. Once all checks, credit cards or cash is inserted into the bank, the representative will write your organization a check for the profit.


  • Outline the return policy in the contract with the consultant so there are no surprises in the event of a return.

  • Offer a full catalog of products or create your own mini catalog with specific products for customers to order.