How to Find a Community Service Program

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Some high schools and colleges require that students perform a designated number of hours in a community service program in order to graduate. Many adults perform community service because they recognize the value of helping others. Deciding you would like to volunteer is the first step, then you must decide which community service program you want to support.

List your skills and you interests and match them to the needs of a community service program.

Think about what group of the population you would like to help. Some of the more common community service programs work with elderly, children, the disabled or pets.

Evaluate your commitment level realistically. Decide how much time you have available for service work. Determine if you want to volunteer once or make an ongoing regular commitment to the program.

Look for programs in your community. Contact the town hall, chamber of commerce and local churches and schools. Ask them for referrals. Do a search of the Internet to locate the larger community service programs. Their websites give information on how to volunteer. Volunteer Match matches volunteers with community service programs. Go to the organization's website and enter your zip code to find volunteer opportunities near you (see Resources below).

Pick one of two community service programs that allow you to work with the population you want to and do the type of work you want to do.

Research the community service program before getting involved to make sure it is a responsible organization. Find out the goals of the program to make sure you want to support them.

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