Use damaged freight to built up inventory in an online store, a consignment shop or a thrift store. Just because it's marked as damaged doesn't mean there aren't quality goods inside. Many times a retailer can refuse a shipment if one box has damaged goods, believing that all the goods are damaged.

As a Liquidator

Liquidators network with freight companies to negotiate first look deals on returned or refused freight. Negotiate an agreement for the freight. If possible, skim through the freight before making an offer. You must have storage space to house entire 18-wheel trailers while you go through the stacks of goods. Hire a staff of people who can go through each item and sift through what can be salvaged and sold.

As a Retailer

Search for wholesalers and liquidators who specialize in damaged freight. In the book, “EBay Business All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies,” Marsha Collier writes “try searching for dealer login along with a category name, such as ‘dealer login jewelry.’” You pay the shipping on the freight and have to take it as is.


Avoid buying freight damaged canned goods or containers that appear broken, cracked or dented. They can easily get contaminated. If you are not able to review the contents of the freight before purchasing, only purchase damaged freight from reputable trucking companies or liquidators. Read their customer testimonials and get recommendations from people who have purchased from them in the past.