Bid Proposal Form Building Maintenance

by Sam Williams ; Updated September 26, 2017
Painting is a standard building maintenance task.

A cleaning company or a maintenance crew may be asked to submit a proposal before being hired to manage the maintenance of a building. This gives the company who owns the building the chance to weigh service providers and service options before choosing one.

Scope of Work

In the bid proposal form, one of the most important elements is listing all the work that you agree to perform. Repairs such as repairing malfunctioning door locks, heating and air conditioning and restroom plumbing may be included. Preventative measures may be listed as well to ensure that repairs won't be necessary.


The company hiring the building maintenance company wants to remove any liability if one of the building maintenance employees is hurt. They want to make sure that the building maintenance company takes full responsibility of its own employees. As well, given a third party access to one’s building, the company may also want to protect itself from theft or any damages caused by the building maintenance employees. They may want proof of bonding or liability insurance.

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Penalties and Fees

The bid estimate for providing the service will have its own section on the form. You may be able to itemize the costs as well. In the event the service is not provided as proposed, the company will set in place precautions in their favor to penalize the building maintenance company for not living up to its promise.

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