What Equipment Is Needed for a Janitorial Service?

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Almost everyone is familiar with the image of a man, mop and bucket in the hallway of a school or hospital. Companies and small business hire janitors to clean and maintain facilities. If you are looking to start a janitorial service, you will need more than a mop and a bucket.

Lightweight Equipment

Basic items such as mops, brooms, buckets, window cleaner and scrubbers are necessities for practically every cleaning assignment, whether you're cleaning offices or bathrooms.

Heavy Duty Equipment

Certain jobs will require expensive tools. For example, you will need floor buffers and polishers for marble and linoleum surfaces. An upright vacuum cleaner is useful for carpeted floors, while industrial caliber units may be more appropriate for larger areas such as convention centers.


Transporting Equipment

Carts are useful for carrying smaller items around a building. On the other hand, larger equipment may need to be transported by a van.



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