What Is eTrust?

by Lindsay Pietroluongo ; Updated September 26, 2017
eTrust ensures that your personal information is protected online.

The term “eTrust” means Electronic Trust and relates directly to the Electronic Trust Foundation. This foundation promotes privacy and security in the online community. eTrust operates both nationally and internationally.


eTrust clients include online businesses and websites.

Consumer Worry

Consumers who perform online transactions often are concerned for their privacy and the security of their personal, important information. eTrust strives to aid these customers and ease their minds. The foundation ensures that personal details, such as phone numbers and home addresses, do not ever reach third party companies–unless the consumer has allowed access.

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Brought to you by Techwalla


The eTrust Foundation offers an eTrust Privacy Certification. This certification seal shows that an online business or website was reviewed by eTrust and deemed responsible when it comes to privacy and data protection. Look for the eTrust logo on websites to verify that the business has been certified. This service comes with a fee. Certification is renewed each year and it takes approximately 12 business days to receive the certification.


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