Recruiting is a tedious process, as employers seek to find the appropriate personnel for the available jobs. It may seem innocent to only interview potential employees that an employer feels are the best. However,certain practices that may seem innocent are considered unlawful discrimination.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is a sect within the government that enforces laws against discriminatory employment practices. According to, an employer cannot discriminate against a potential employee due to gender, religion, nationality and disability.

Word-of-Mouth Recruiting

The greatest legal troubles for a company are often associated with recruiting friends and acquaintances. explains that this often results in a disproportionate workforce in terms of race and gender.

Other Recruiting Methods

Utilizing recruiting methods that only reach one type of demographic is also considered illegal, according to For instance, a company trying to recruit employees at a religious function can be accused of illegal practices, since the employer is only reaching out to one type of prospective employee.


The best way to find balance within a workforce is to recruit employees using a variety of methods, such as job fairs, online outlets and newspapers. Furthermore, an employer should not exclusively recruit from special interest clubs and organizations.