How to Buy Bulk Chocolate for Resale

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Buying bulk chocolate for resale is a good way for small-business owners to make money. It is also great for fundraisers. Bulk chocolate is available through online purchasing in a number of varieties including dark, milk and white chocolate.

Order Information

When ordering, companies often require a resale/sales tax license or exemption number, and a school, government or charitable clearance number. A business name or business license may also be required.

Order Minimum

Some companies set a minimum order requirement either in a dollar amount or a certain number of items to be purchased. Other companies may have their products pre-weighed for purchase.


Possible Restrictions

It may be that wholesale is only available to businesses in specified areas such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Western Europe. Some companies may seek proof that the goods are going to be resold. Payment is through credit cards or money order.