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Recruitment and selection is a process for attracting, screening and hiring the right person for the job at the right time. This process involves various steps and methods, which include establishing job requirements, job posting, screening candidates, selecting and hiring the best candidate based on set criteria.


Hiring well has significant benefits for an organization. Qualified, motivated and committed employees ensure that company objectives are achieved. A wrong hire is a waste of company resources spent on hiring, training, termination and re-hiring. It can also cause the demoralization of the rest of the staff.


In most organizations, the human resources department manages the recruitment and selection process. The department assists in developing the job specifications and hiring criteria, posts the job internally and externally, conducts the initial screening of candidates, guides the hiring manager during the interviews and final selection and prepares the paperwork for job offers and hiring.


Recruitment involves searching for candidates from as many reliable sources as possible. This includes internal sourcing, employee referrals, external posting in job sites, schools and professional associations, advertisement in newspapers and using professional networks. A recruitment firm is sometimes employed for positions that are difficult to fill. The selection process uses tools such as interviews, skill tests, personality tests, work samples and reference checks.


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