Definition of a Business Check

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Business checks can also be printed for a specific organization or company. Business checks are efficient and will make your company appear professional and trustworthy.

What is a Check?

A check is a legal form of payment promising a transfer of funds from one party to another. It tells a financial institution to take a specific amount of money from a specific account.

Business vs. Personal Checks

Personal checks draw payments from a checking account held by an individual or household. Business checks draw funds from a business account belonging to a certain company.

Endorsing Business Checks

A business check is endorsed using the legal name of the company and the signature of a representative such as the business owner or treasurer. You may choose to restrict the endorsement by writing "For Deposit Only" on the back.

Types of Business Checks

There are two basic types of business checks. Laser or computer business checks are completed with accounting software, and manual checks are written by hand.

Ordering Business Checks

You can order business checks personalized with your company's information. Order them from the bank where you have a business checking account or from online check printers such as Check Advantage or Checks Unlimited.


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