Performance reviews are conducted to provide employees with an evaluation of their job performance. Input is provided from mangers, peers, direct reports and clients to provide a well rounded evaluation of employee performance.


Business environments are very fluid. Managers are encouraging of employees adaptable to change. A key phrase to use in performance appraisals is the employee is "able to adapt to changing deadlines and changes in the nature of the assignments."


Co-workers ability to work within a team is valuable. To highlight this skill, a key phrase for a performance review is the associate "makes valuable contributions to team objectives."

Direct reports

A skill used in effective management is the ability to delegate effectively. When a manager has delegated effectively, a key phrase to us is, "delegates with clearly defined responsibility and authority."


The ability to problem-solve with clients strengthens relationships. Problem-solving is an important skill used in managing business relationships. A key phrase for using in the performance review is "translates problems into practical solutions."


For each key phrase in a performance review, provide specific examples of the employee's behavior.