Courier delivery workers, route salespeople, vending machine owners, truckers and anyone who transports goods or delivers things should plan their routes in advance. This endeavor can take some time in the evening, but the advantages and benefits that can be gained from planning will be well worth the effort.


Route planning entails mapping out where deliveries should commence in the morning, the roads that should be travelled and where an individual should end up at the end of the day. Route planning enables a delivery person to use the most direct route to each location.


A delivery person who plans his route in advance can usually get more deliveries completed per day versus one who randomly drives to the various delivery points. A driver can also save on gas expenses, as well as prevent further wear and tear on his vehicle.


There are many map-plotting tools, including GPS, that can be used to construct a daily route. The individual's company may also have proprietary mapping software available. These tools can actually save time from the old methods of plotting maps by hand.


Planning a route will enable a delivery person to hit certain streets that are further away before moving on to those that are closer to the company or his home. For those with wider coverage areas, as can be the case in route sales or vending, planning can better help a person complete one region before moving on to another one.


Sometimes, a delivery person or route salesperson may need to be flexible in altering his route on a particular day.