Understanding the average number of stops made per mile for your delivery business is an important part of determining your delivery efficiency and the best use of your vehicles. You can plan delivery routes, understand your current employee productivity rates, and understand the impact of delivery volumes on your overall service costs. The best way to optimize your business operations is to thoroughly understand every aspect of your day-to-day functions. If you find that your stops per mile range on the low end of the scale, you may be wasting money in fuel costs.

Things You Will Need
  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • Calculator

Set the trip meter in your delivery van to zero prior to beginning the day’s delivery route. This will allow you to obtain an accurate mileage reading for your delivery route.

On a sheet of paper, track your deliveries. You will need to know exactly how many deliveries you made during the route. Each time you make a delivery, write it down, or increase your count by one.

Write down your total mileage at the end of the delivery route. Count your total number of deliveries made during that route and make note of the total.

Divide your total number of miles driven by the total number of deliveries made. The resulting figure is the average number of deliveries per mile. Repeat this process over the course of a week to get an accurate picture of your overall business flow during the week.