Grants for Start-Up Organic Farmers for Women

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The number of women as principle operators of organic farms increased by 13.4 percent between1997 to 2002, and more than one-fourth of U.S. farmers and ranchers are women. Various funding resources are available to this rapidly developing sector.

Grants for Businesses

The government does not typically give grants for start-up businesses, but sometimes funds expanding or improving businesses. See the Small Business Administration (SBA) planner page for opportunities (Resources).

Government Loans

The government provides start-up businesses with funding in the form of low-interest loans through various agencies, including the USDA. See the page on small business loans (Resources).

Become a Nonprofit

Consider establishing your organic farm as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit, to become eligible for the majority of grants available. See the IRS page on charitable organizations for information on registering as a nonprofit (Resources).

Networks for Women

The growth in numbers of women farmers has resulted in the development of support networks offering advice and resources. See the report from ATTRANews in Resources for a list of women's farming networks.

Opportunities for Organic Farmers

Social and environmental organizations offer grants in support of research, food security and educational initiatives. Search the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service's website for these opportunities (Resources). The USDA also has a list of funding resources (References).