What Is Constant Contact?

BernardaSv/iStock/Getty Images

Keeping in touch with customers on a consistent basis is one key to maintaining current clients and bringing in new ones. A number of companies exist that provide businesses a way to contact clients regularly through snail mail, email or social media. One such company, Constant Contact, offers online marketing services for businesses to stay in touch with clients.

What They Do

Constant Contact provides marketing tools such as newsletters and email drip campaigns, a series of informative emails sent in spaced out intervals such as every week or every month. They help businesses set up offers and promotions to announce new products or promote current ones and develop feedback tools and surveys so that businesses can get an idea how they are doing. Constant Contact also gives businesses the tools to create online events and registrations. Additionally, Constant Contact partners with a number of other marketing professionals, such as website builders, social media experts and lead-generation services, to give their customers access to other services.

How They Do It

Constant Contact employs marketing professionals who give as little or as much help as a business needs to set up their marketing campaigns. Businesses can utilize already-built templates or create their own. For clients who need extra help with their marketing campaigns, Constant Contact provides a personal marketing coach to help walk them through the process and all the services Constant Contact offers.