A business’s employees are an integral part of its success. If the employees are talented and motivated, they can produce exceptional work that helps take the business to the top. On the other hand, if the employees are inexperienced and lack initiative to succeed, it’s likely the business will suffer as a result. How you can attract top talent in your industry and incentivize them to perform at their best? You have to offer a comprehensive benefits package, which includes employee services.


Employee services are perks of the job beyond the usual package of benefits. Examples include free food, gym memberships and flexible working hours.

Employee Services Definition

Most organizations offer employees a compensation package which includes benefits. Health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement savings plans and paid time off are examples of employee benefits. They are a form of indirect compensation which the company offers in addition to the employee’s salary, as they help the employee to meet their basic needs in the same way their salary would.

Employee services are a subset of employee benefits. Consider them to be like perks of the job. They are designed to attract new employees and instill loyalty in existing employees. From the employer’s perspective, employee services often cost far less than employee benefits, but can be just as attractive to some employees.

Employee Services Examples

Employee services are designed to make the employee’s life easier while working with the company. Employee services examples include:

  • Health services: Gym memberships or fitness class reimbursements help to create a culture of healthy living in the workplace. Many businesses have company sports teams which build camaraderie in a competitive spirit.

  • Food and drink: It may seem like a small token, but complimentary food and drink items can be very attractive to new employees. Businesses can offer free beverages such as bottled water, healthy juices and smoothies, energy drinks and sodas. They can also have free food such as snacks and fruit. Some companies hire chefs to cater full meals to their employees.

  • Time off: Having the option to take additional paid time off is a very attractive bonus for employees. Extra paid time off around major holidays shows employees the business values work-life balance.

  • Parental services: Companies that offer extended paid maternity and paternity leave encourage loyalty and employee retention. Those that have on-site childcare make it more enjoyable for parents to come to work, giving them the opportunity to be close to their children.

  • Self-care: For many employees, on-site spa services like back, head and full-body massages are an important service that is of value in the workplace. It saves them time while allowing them to focus on their personal care.

  • Entertainment: Employees need to let off steam while at work, so indoor entertainment such as ping-pong tables, foosball tables and table tennis are a great addition to the business. Off-site entertainment events such as bowling, golfing or watching movies helps employees to form bonds and get to know one another outside of the workplace.

  • Travel: For businesses where employees need to travel often, having a company travel agent or travel concierge can save them time and money.

  • Flexibility: One of the most important perks is the ability to have flexible working hours. This enables employees to have more control over their schedule and their work-life balance.

An employee services portal is an effective way to share and organize all of this information, making it easy for your employees to access it when needed. Share company policies, processes and additional information about each service on the portal.

Benefits of Offering Employee Services

There are many advantages to offering employee services, both for the employers and the employees. From an employee perspective, it shows that the company values their partnership and is committed to ensuring they stay at the business. It can increase employee loyalty and engagement. Employee services can also encourage employees to perform better while at work, as there is more incentive to stay employed at the business.

From an employer perspective, one of the key advantages is that it attracts better talent. As a result, the company has access to higher levels of expertise and professionalism. Companies can also save money on more expensive benefits by supplementing them with less costly services.