Definition of Employee Services

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As the need for companies to provide employee benefits and retain quality personnel within their organization has increased, so too has the awareness that companies must provide comprehensive employee services.

Employee Services Definition

According to the Employee Services Management Association, employee services encompasses "recreation programs, community services, recognition programs, event planning, childcare/eldercare services, convenience services, and travel offerings."

Employee Services Function

Employee services departments or personnel are typically housed in an organization's human resources department. Employee services generally augment an organization's existing HR functions, such as payroll and benefits administration, with additional services including childcare and educational reimbursements, and employee recognition.

Employee Services Personnel

Employee services workers are similar to HR workers in that they provide employees with the entire spectrum of offerings and services that an organization maintains. If these workers are not themselves also HR employees, they usually work hand-in-hand with those individuals within an organization.

Employee Assistance Programs

As employee services have expanded at companies throughout the U.S. and globally, many have come to include employee assistance programs, which help individual employees confidentially deal with personal problems that otherwise would negatively affect performance.

Employee Services Future

The need to retain quality employees has in recent years conflicted with the need to keep employee services costs low. As such, the future of existing employee services remains uncertain, with some companies cutting existing services while others continue to expand non-compensatory benefits.


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