Whenever you start to plan and set goals there are a number of road blocks that can stop your progress. You have to recognize the barriers and then come up with a plan to overcome them before you can continue.

Step by Step

One barrier to goal setting is the intimidation factor. Someone can lose focus if they fail to break the journey down into small achievable steps.

Personal Programming

During our lifetime we have been programmed to think, and function a certain way which is usually the confines of our comfort zone. To achieve our goals we must move beyond our comfort zone and do that which is not comfortable.

Important Goals

You need goals large enough to motivate and inspire you. If your goals are easy and provide no challenge you will quit as soon as another activity comes into view. You must be passionate about your goals.


You need the ability to visualize the end result. If you can see it in your mind chances are you can accomplish it. Some individuals cannot work through the process in their minds which hinders their progress.

Lack Of Accountability

Someone needs to hold you accountable for your goals. Set your goals with a friend or partner and make a plan to meet weekly to discuss your progress.

Financially Driven

If the majority of your goals are driven by money it will be difficult to maintain your focus. Your goals should cover all areas of your life including the mental, physical, spiritual, social, career, family as well as the financial aspects.