Entrepreneurs must possess self motivation that pushes them to make their business dreams a reality. While it is often easy to begin an enterprise due to its novelty, excitement and energy, it can become difficult to maintain the same level of enthusiasm as time progresses. When you encounter hurdles and realize how much time, concentration and labor is required to maintain your venture, rely on key factors that ensure your commitment.

Promises to Keep

Your commitment to your business venture is strengthened because of promises you make. Typically, you borrow money from a bank, investor, family member or friend to get you started as an entrepreneur. In return, the people who loan funds to you expect you to succeed with your enterprise. You owe it to them to stay committed so you can keep your word and pay them back.

Passionate Pursuit

You are encouraged to commit fully to the things you love. Entrepreneurs stay committed when they are passionate about their businesses. You pursue your goals with higher energy and more hours when emotions are involved. For example, if you have an abiding love, fascination and respect for animals, this passion motivates you to create a success of your pet-sitting business. The rewards that come from interacting with the animals reinforce your commitment to your small business.

Power of Creating

The act of creating is a powerful force for humans. Entrepreneurs are empowered by their ability to start their own companies. The sense of supreme accomplishment encourages commitment to the business. The individual who is able to draft a business plan, obtain funds, rent a facility, hire employees and open a small grocery store to customers demonstrates achievements in multiple areas. The ability to put together all these components to create something new encourages him to stand by it and continue to make progress with the company.


The support of employees, business associates and friends helps you remain committed to your entrepreneurship. These people will give you critiques and feedback that can help you progress with your business dreams. Look to others with expertise in your field to help you develop new concepts and overcome challenges. Instagage, an online business consulting company, suggests looking for support from local organizations such as the chamber of commerce. Utilize personal relationships for the emotional support you need when working toward your business goals.

Positive Discipline

Setting yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily goals encourages continuing dedication to your small business. Get your objectives down on paper. Keep a notebook documenting your plans, timeline and achievements. Use your growing log of data to keep you motivated and engaged. Take time each night to prepare your next day's work. This allows you to immediately put plans in motion the following morning. Complete your daily goals to develop a habit of self-discipline that solidifies your commitment and makes your work a success. A book entitled "Human Relations for Career and Personal Success" says self-discipline can also be achieved by using positive role models and resisting the urge to make excuses.