What Does the Human Resource Department Do?

Ever since the father of scientific management, Frederick Taylor, and later Peter Drucker started classifying industrial workers and working masses as the real assets of organizations and businesses, the concept of human resources management has gained credence. Today, the human resource department is often the engine room of an organization. It devises, organizes and coordinates everything related to the employees within an organization and the overall workplace.

Devise Macro Human Resources Management Strategy

The HR department devises or charts out the macro human resources management strategy and recruitment policies of an organization. A people-centric road map is carefully wedded to the overall and long-term corporate and strategic objectives of an organization.

Compensation and Benefits Packages

The HR department draws up compensation packages, benefits programs, incentives policies, health care insurance, and all employee-related rewards and emolument packages.

Conduct Training Programs

With the emergence of technologies and continuously evolving business practices, training and development initiatives form a key component of an HR department. The department plays a key role in devising, cocoordinating and conducting training programs for employees.

Liaise With External Agencies

Large businesses often outsource work-force requirements and recruitment programs to staffing firms, HR contractors and online jobs portals. The corporate HR department has to often liaise with these outside agencies to ensure that they meet organizational objectives and conform to requisite standards of employee recruitment.

Mentor Role

The top-tier HR team or HR departmental heads address grievances and other issues of employees. They play mentor to new and talented employees and conduct periodic performance appraisals of long-term and high-performance employees.