Sunsetter Awnings Consumer Complaints

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Picture of SunSetter logo courtesy of L. Kelley

SunSetter manufactures a varied selection of awnings, including motorized and hand operated models, as well as a variety of different sized models in different colors. This company has a consumer complaints department that has been trained to handle consumer complaints ranging from missing pieces to broken awnings. In some cases, consumers may feel that their concerns weren't addressed properly.


Both consumers and the company benefit from consumer complaints because the consumers usually get their concerns addressed and fixed and the company can use the complaints to implement policies and practices to ensure that other consumers have a satisfactory experience.


SunSetter receives complaints about the quality of the awnings, missing pieces in the packaging and delivery problems, such as simply leaving the package on the porch without notifying anyone.

Time Frame

Most of the complaints that SunSetter gets about awnings happen within 12 months of the initial purchase, although most of the awnings have a lifetime guarantee.


Keep a detailed list of people, including their name and title, that you talk to about your complaints, because Sunsetter may ask for this information when they address your complaints.

Fun Fact

Complaints about motorized awnings usually involve a malfunctioning part and complaints about hand operated awnings are usually from elderly customers who have problems operating the crank.