Raising money for your club or charity often requires selling something, but not everyone wants frozen cookie dough, a community discount card or another magazine subscription. Sell what everyone needs -- a calendar. Collect vibrant photos to create a calendar all buyers will want to tack to their wall for an entire year. Make your calendar represent your group or your community and have it commercially printed so you will have a professional product to sell.

1. Step 1

Compare prices and quality through several online vendors, print shops, office-supply stores and warehouse clubs. Ask to see samples from all vendors you visit. Look at the photo reproduction, paper and print quality, and overall appearance as you consider your options. The more you buy, the greater the discounts some vendors will offer. Ask members of your group to take pre-orders to determine just how many you will need so that you waste no money.

2. Step 2

Ask members of your club to take horizontal high-resolution photos that could print at 8-by-10 inches in the calendar. You want a variety from which to choose. If you have many good photos, consider making a collage of smaller pictures for your cover or one of the monthly pages.

3. Step 3

Design your calendar by matching photos to months, if possible. If your calendar will show sites in your town, have a photo highlight a town landmark draped in snow for the January entry or the local pumpkin patch for October. Or, if your calendar will raise funds for the school football team, use photos of current players or archived photos of well-known players of the past.

4. Step 4

Include special dates on the calendar. Standard calendars will mark the dates of Easter, Christmas, Flag Day and other noted days. Have your printer add dates important to your group. Add things such as "First Day of School" to a school team calendar or dates of concerts your choral group will hold during the year.

5. Step 5

Begin calendar sales in October as many people will buy them for holiday gifts. Send news releases to local newspapers, asking them to announce your sale. Post fliers on community bulletin boards. Hand out fliers to your members to distribute to their friends and family. Ask to set up a booth at fall carnivals and craft shows to take orders or sell the completed calendar.

6. Step 6

Insert a pre-order form between the September and October pages for next year's calendar if you plan to make the sale an annual event. Consider offering a small discount or free shipping to encourage purchases.


Work on this project the entire year. If you don't start until the summer, you won't have appropriate photos for the first months of the year.


If your don't have money upfront, it's really not worth it.


Do not wait till October to start.


Don't print them yourself, get them professionally printed.


Don't make your calendars too expensive because they won't sell.

Things You Will Need
  • 12 high-resolution photos