When putting on a concert or show for a charity, the headlining act will be the selling point that causes the public to buy tickets and local media to cover the event. Be sure to have both the venue and the date set for the benefit before you begin calling country singers or bands. The performer likely has other performances scheduled so they will not be able to commit without a firm date.

Research the favorite charities of a particular performer if you have a specific country artist in mind. Choosing a charity close to his heart may help to convince him to perform at the event.

Look for any country performers that have roots or ties to your area.. A local benefit may be able to draw even a well-known performer home to help the cause.

Call and/or e-mail the artist's manager or agent. Larger acts will be harder to get in touch with, but by searching the artist's website or contacting her record label, you may be able to get in touch with the person in charge of booking. A lesser-known artist will typically have booking information on her website.

Describe the benefit in your letter or phone call proposal. Let the artist and his management know why the charity is important, where the money raised by the benefit will go, what effect it will have and what his presence will mean for the fund-raising efforts.

Discuss the required payments and fees associated with booking the artist, and arrange to send the initial payment or deposit. If the artist believes strongly enough in the cause, he may decide to waive some or all of his payment.

Ask the performer to sign a contract stating that she will appear at the specified venue on the day of the benefit to perform. The contract could also list the length of the set, as well as a specific song list. The contract will also relay the payment information.