Office Stair Safety

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Your office building has stairs if it has more than one story, even if they are mainly there as an emergency exit. A fall on this stairway can result in lost work days and may cause serious injuries. Avoid accidents when using office stairs by following a few common sense precautions.

Using Office Stairs Safely

The key to preventing slips and falls on stairs is to pay attention. Keep your eyes on the steps ahead and avoid texting or other distractions. Use the handrail. Most stairway falls occur when people aren’t using the handrail. Don’t try to carry something up or down the stairs if it blocks your vision or pulls you off balance. Exercise extra caution going down the stairs, as this is when a fall is most likely to cause injury.

Office Stair Maintenance

Falls on office stairs can occur because someone left an object on the steps. Remove anything on the stairs immediately. Avoid storing anything in stairwells. Keep an eye out for maintenance problems such as loose or damaged flooring and handrails or burned-out lights. When you find a problem, notify the maintenance staff so repairs can be made before someone is hurt.