The Importance of Customer Service in Hospitality

Customer service is the essence of the hospitality industry. The importance of customer service in hospitality is stressed in professional courses as well as on-the-job training modules since aspiring hoteliers, restaurateurs and others in the industry need to be well aware of its significance and implication for successful business operations.


Under-promise and over-deliver should be the mantra for every successful hotelier, who should be attentive and passionate about customer needs. If you satisfy a customer’s needs, you are building the foundation to establish a relationship based on trust and loyalty. All these factors collectively contribute to customer loyalty and retention which are integral for success in this industry.


Always be open to suggestions. Understand what your customers expect from you. Place a suggestion box in your hotel reception, café, air travel or tourism office so you can gather feedback from your customers. Further, don’t just gather customer recommendations, act upon them to show that you really care and want their business. It is essential to understand the importance of customer service in hospitality to make a positive difference to the business by listening and learning.

Prompt Service

You may provide the best service, but if you are not fast enough, you may lose an important customer and several other referrals. Always remember if you do not give your customer what he is looking for, he will knock on other doors until someone else will. Learn how to constantly innovate to meet high expectations and provide good service. The customer should be the center of your universe and your services should be designed around him.


The hospitality industry thrives on convenience. If your customer service is missing this essential ingredient, your business won’t last long unless you bring about changes that demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction. Remember that the service and hospitality industries were built to offer the basics of convenience to customers. Today, as the industry is expanding and the competition is growing, hotel conglomerates are getting innovative and thinking of means to achieve the highest standards in convenience offerings.


The importance of customer service in hospitality emanates from the principle that the customer needs to be treated with priority, and he should see value in what he gets. If a customer strongly believes he is getting value for the money he is paying, he will keep coming back. On the contrary, dissatisfaction with your customer service will make him turn back and look for value offerings from your competition.



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