How to Compliment Customer Service

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Exceptional customer service deserves a compliment. While you can always deliver a verbal thank you and compliment at the time of service, following up with a formal compliment allows management to reward the employee who delivered the outstanding customer service and gives the employee the satisfaction of knowing their work was appreciated. Directing the compliment to the employee's management or the head of the company, or posting it publicly, encourages the company to continue its culture of service.

Put your compliment in writing. An email or letter allows the compliment to be shared throughout the company.

Address the compliment to the employee who provided the service or their direct boss. If you take the time to find out the name of the manager of the employee who provided the customer service, addressing the compliment to them enables them to recognize their employee's performance.

Cite specific examples of what made the customer service so outstanding. Whether the employee stayed through their lunch break to help you or tracked down an out of stock item, describe exactly what they did to assist you.

Forward your compliment to the company's CEO or president. Your compliment has a greater potential impact if you send a copy straight to the top.

File a compliment with your local Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau recognizes companies who exhibit good business practices such as excellent customer service.

Tell your friends. Referring the company or individual to your friends increases their business, and sharing your compliments via an online review site or just by telling your friends and neighbors allows your compliments to make a big difference.


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