No company can achieve sustained success without a firm foundation on which to build. The foundation often manifests itself in policies and procedures that govern the decision-making process of the staff and thus direct the company towards achieving its goals. Microsoft has an extensive foundation--lots of policies and procedures--a sample of which reveals the core values of the company.


Microsoft designed its principles and procedures on the set of values the board claims for the company overall and for the staff therein employed. Microsoft believes in honesty and integrity, in being respectful with others while encouraging growth and improvement, in having a passion for customer technological needs and desires, and in being accountable to not only the customers but also to the staff and investors. Microsoft believes in dreaming big and following through on those dreams while still maintaining a critical eye on the company's actions.

Standards of Business Conduct

Microsoft operates under its self-devised Standards of Business Conduct which derives from the company values. Although the Standards of Business Conduct are fairly extensive, the document clearly states that it does not and cannot include specific information for every possible contingency but rather should serve as a guidepost in decision-making for the staff.

Regulatory Compliance

It is Microsoft policy to maintain accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern the corporation worldwide. If at any time a member of the staff becomes aware of a violation of regulation or law it is the employee’s responsibility to report the violation to either Human Resources, management, the Director of Compliance, Law and Corporate Affairs or the Business Conduct Line.


While adhering to federal laws regarding lobbying, Microsoft protects shareholder interests by actively lobbying for any issues in Congress that may affect the direction or future of the company.

Export Policy

The United States government restricts the exportation of certain technology including software and hardware. Microsoft complies with this policy in order to help protect national security and to conserve limited resources.

Fair Information Practices

Aware of its role in the communication industry, it is Microsoft policy to produce and maintain an online environment that is safe for Internet users. Included in this policy is an educational initiative to better help consumers use the Internet wisely.


It is Microsoft’s belief that a diverse workplace increases the successful recruitment of talented staff members who will prove to be an asset to the company. Therefore, Microsoft actively strives towards diversity while complying with Equal Opportunity regulations.