Great Party Planning Business Names

Naming a business can be one of the most stressful aspects of beginning a new venture. Because the name is often the first impression and appears on every piece of marketing material for the company, it’s important to choose something that clearly explains what you do and matches your style. Party or event planning businesses can sometimes go wrong with melodramatic, vague or even wordy names that don’t keep these things in mind.

Pinpoint Your Client

Since a business name can be used to attract a certain type of clientele, be sure to have a clear-cut idea about who your target audience is. If weddings, anniversary parties and social soirees are your specialty, avoid using cutesy words and consider adjectives such as "elegant" and "sophisticated" instead. On the other hand, if you are starting a company aimed specifically at children's parties you'll want to include something about that in your name to attract those clients. At the same time, if you love to plan children’s birthday parties but want to work with other clients as well, don’t limit yourself by a name that designates you as the kiddie event expert.

Make It Memorable

Your business’ name should evoke the right vibe in people and stick in their brains. If the name doesn’t register some sort of visual image with people who are searching for a party planner, then they’re more likely to move on to the next name in the phonebook. If it’s vague, they won’t remember it, which is especially important when it comes to valuable word-of-mouth marketing.

Be Positive

Also, remember that some words ring more positive than others. It is often best to choose positive words over neutral ones. “Party Planning by Deborah” might be descriptive and entirely appropriate for some situations, but “Deb’s Delightful Events” makes a more personal impact and sounds more upbeat.

Keep It Simple

On the other hand, avoid overly descriptive names that are as difficult for people to remember as vague ones. Party planning can be described in a variety of ways, and catchy phrases are often a great place to start when choosing your name. However, keep in mind that the name you choose has to appear on your advertising and be easy to search for online. You don’t want a domain name that takes people two minutes to type or a business card with more than one line for the name alone.

Make Sure It’s Available

When you’ve narrowed your ideas down to a handful of favorites, it’s time to see if any of them are available. Don’t get your heart set on one before checking the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s online database ( to see if any of your names are already in use. In addition, you should search the Internet to see if anyone has already registered domains with any of your company's proposed names.