Employee safety can be a concern in virtually any occupation. A safety meeting is an opportunity to teach proper techniques and procedures that can prevent injuries from occurring, which can result in losing money due to decreased productivity. What follows are a few ideas for possible topics of a safety meeting.

Ladder Safety

For roofers, painters, and other jobs that require the constant use of ladders, a ladder safety meeting could prove beneficial. Subtopics could include reminders about not using ladders around power lines, as well as how to use the 3-point rule (maintaining contact with one foot and two hands, or two feet and one hand ) when ascending or descending.


Another topic could be how a positive attitude at work can enhance safety. For example, maintaining a positive attitude can lead to less stress, which can prevent the onset of conflicts with employees. Another method would be to willingly help a fellow worker who may be facing a situation where injury could occur. This topic could apply to virtually any type of business.

In-House Training

A safety meeting could be an opportunity to conduct in-house safety training. A select group of employees could be designated as “safety trainers” and be trained in safety procedures that they could pass on to fellow employees during the course of the work day. The training program could be conducted either by manual or through a PowerPoint presentation.

Back Injuries

Since back injuries can be a common occurrence in many industries, a course in how to prevent them could prove beneficial. Proper stretching techniques could be taught, as well as proper lifting procedures. For workers that walk frequently, techniques can be taught to keep the back muscles loose and the posture erect, and for those who stand, how to use pads to relieve pressure on the back.

Fleet Safety

For those who drive company vehicles on the job, proper driving and road safety procedures could be taught. Careless or aggressive driving is not only a potential safety hazard, but it can also create a poor image about a company in the mind of the public. A safety rewards program could be introduced for those who drive a predetermined amount of miles without an accident.