Concession Stand Requirements

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Straightforward though the concept of a concession stand may seem, operating one at a festival, park, mall or stadium can involve a maze of regulatory requirements. Localities vary widely in their rules and regulations, so your local government authority will be a key resource during this process.

Health Inspections and Regulations

Fire and Safety

Permits, Licenses, etc.

Zoning and Insurance

Setting up shop as a concession stand requires getting zoning clearance from the municipalities and venues where you are stationed. You cannot just situate yourself anywhere. Ask the city, county and any property managers relevant to your site about restrictions that may apply to you. Some states may also require you to insure your concession while others may not. Even without a state-imposed requirement, insurance may be necessary at your venue. At the Lake County Fair in Indiana, for example, liability insurance of $1 million is required for each concession.