A media partnership agreement can be an effective weapon in the marketing and public relations arsenal. An organization working with a media partner offers access to expertise and exclusive stories, receiving good coverage in return.


Media partnership agreements are often attempted by organizations that do not have large advertising budgets. They are most successful when the organization has something of value to offer the media partner, such as an association with a strong and reputable brand, access to people who are in demand or frequent exclusive stories.


A good example of a media partnership is the agreement between an Indian newspaper and a leading European business school, which aimed to attract more executive education business from India. The business school provided a monthly management column written by its academics. It raised its profile in India while the newspaper gained new readers and greater authority because of the experts it had writing for it.

Success Factors

Successful media partnership agreements depend on being true partnerships: each party should benefit equally from the arrangement. Expectations should be clear and recorded in writing so that each organization knows what it is contributing and what it is receiving in return.