Staff training is important to any company, especially one with new hires. There are many ways to get your new staff familiar with their positions, or even to inspire your old ones with new rules, policies and incentives. Informative videos, interactive learning, rewards, lists and hands-on training can all be implemented during training.

Informative Videos

Many companies have created informative training videos that require little supervision. Videos should have sections discussing how to implement the main task of the job, safety precautions and directions to follow, health practices of your company, as well as any moral rules and restrictions you want your employees to follow. These videos work best if prepared for student-based jobs, such as working in a kitchen, fast food restaurant or tourist attraction.

Interactive Fun

Training and orientation does not have to be a dreaded experience for your new employees. Arrange a day where all of your new hires will get together for a period of five hours or more to go over information for their positions. Make staff training fun and interactive. In the example of training for a position at a movie theater, have your employees interact with one another, one as a customer ordering popcorn and other concession items, and the other acting out and explaining what he is doing to produce the order.

Reward System

Those who spending long hours in a board room for their training session can implement a rewards system by having periodic quizzes based on what your hires have been learning all day, and awarding chocolates, gift cards or other incentive-based prizes to those who answer correctly.


Simple lists can be highly effective when training your staff. Create a bulleted list of all the rules and regulations you require your staff to follow. This should include health and safety points and information. Another form of training could be to procure a list of possible challenges they could experience through their jobs and having a group discussion about solving said problems.


Have the first part of your orientation revolve around getting to know one another. This method of icebreaking will make your staff feel more at ease. Go around your table and have your staff tell each other their names, ages, favorite jobs and worst customer experiences.

Shadow Training

This method will give your employee the hands-on experience he will need before actually getting to the task at hand. Have him follow a seasoned employee around for the duration of the shift. By the end of the day, when the employee is feeling more comfortable, the seasoned employee may allow him to begin implementing the task at hand on his own. This allows direction and hands-on experience, while keeping the trainee feeling safe with an experienced staff member present to guide him.