How to Train Security Officers

There are a number of different jobs and careers available in the security field. Whether the position involves being armed or unarmed or the job requires standing or roving, an officer needs to be specifically trained for the demands of the position. Training security officers is vital to have a professional staff and to keep the client happy with the service you are providing. While the training will differ depending on the specifics of the job, there are some general principles that should always be followed.

Verify that each officer is licensed before training them. Most states require guards to be licensed before they can begin working and if a guard is not licensed or is in the process of getting licensed, training them further is a waste of time and resources.

Know the state laws. A big part of training any guard is learning the laws of arrest, detention, and shoplifting statutes, if applicable. Some of this should be covered in the guard's licensing process but it needs to be stressed again to ensure they always act within the law while they are working.

Walk the property. The guard must know every inch of the property that they are working and this includes the location of fire alarms, security cameras and maintenance corridors. They must be taught the quickest routes from one location to another and how to evacuate an area if ever necessary.

Teach report writing. Observation is one of the biggest facets of the job for any guard and circumstances could arise where guards need to take very detailed notes very quickly. Teach the important facts guards need to report incidents such as car accidents, arrests, or suspect descriptions. The specifics can vary from job to job but go over the situations that have, or could happen, at their job. Go point-by-point over the details that the guard needs to document.