Mary Kay is a direct sales company that teaches women how to sell cosmetics through skin care classes. Some women work their businesses as order takers, ordering products when customers ask for them. Serious Mary Kay beauty consultants order inventory and sell from their product closets, placing orders when they need to replace sold items. Good organizational skills make selling the products easier and keep the products in prime selling condition. Products need to be kept in a temperature-controlled room out of direct sunlight and away from high humidity.

Things You Will Need
  • Plastic shelving

  • Shelf labels

  • Stick-on contact labels

  • Clipboard

Step 1.

Order your Mary Kay inventory. Before the order arrives, clear a room or large closet in your home for storing the inventory.

Step 2.

Vacuum the floor of your storeroom and install a working light in the area if there's not one already. Adjust the temperature in the room no higher than 72 degrees F and no lower than 50 degrees F.

Step 3.

Assemble your shelving. Adjust the shelving to fit the space if you need to. Label the shelves with stickers: Skin Care, Special Skin Needs, Foundation, Eye Makeup, Blush, and Lip Products. Include some shelving for your Section 2 items, which are your sales aids, booklets and catalogs.

Step 4.

Open your inventory. Check the product sheets to be sure each item you ordered arrived and arrived undamaged. Set aside damaged or broken products. Open the individual product boxes and stick small address labels to the bottom of the bottles to make it easy for customers to reorder the product when they run low. Return the product to the boxes and stack them on the appropriate product shelves.

Step 5.

Create a spreadsheet showing your inventory and the amounts of product you have. Print the sheets and tuck them on the clipboard. As you sell your Mary Kay products, mark your sheets. This will help you when you are ready to reorder and re-supply your inventory.

Step 6.

Contact the company about any broken or damaged product you received. Follow its instructions and request a replacement. When the replacement arrives, adjust your inventory sheet and place the product on the shelves.