How to Name Your Concierge Business

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Let’s face it. There’s not enough time in the day to get things done, so busy executives and families are turning to concierge services to complete tasks like pick up dry cleaning, organizing their homes and files and even providing virtual office assistance. Business in this industry is booming and growth is expected. With a laundry list of service options, concierge businesses are a relatively easy to start up. If you’re considering starting one, this article will help you generate names for your concierge business.

Research the concierge industry thoroughly. Research businesses in your area as well as businesses you can find online. Pay attention to the services they offer, how they offer them and to whom they offer them. Take note of their names and taglines as well.

Think about your target market. Will your concierge business focus on busy executives, seniors, moms or busy couples looking for assistance? Your target market plays a big role in how you name your business because you have to consider words that might appeal to your audience. You wouldn’t want to name your business “Awesome Assistance” if your target market is primarily business professionals and seniors. The name may seem a bit too immature for their tastes.

Create a brief business description that reveals what your business is about in three or four sentences. You should also take some time to come up with a mission statement for your business. Ask yourself, “Why am I starting my concierge business and what do I hope to achieve through it?” Once you have your business description and mission statement, begin to draft a list of services you’d like to offer. The research you found on your industry and your possible competitors should help you come up with a pretty in-depth list.

Jot down a list of words that come to mind when you think of a concierge business. You could list everything from words you’d associate with the type of customer service you need to provide to the actual services you might provide. Make a list of at least 100 words to start, but don’t stop yourself from brainstorming when you get to 100. Keep going until you can’t come up with any additional related words. Let your list sit for a day or two. Review it for inspiration but don’t try to come up with a business name just yet.

Revisit your list and come up with at least 10 business names for your concierge business. Try to stay away from names that may seem inappropriate, difficult to say and that are too long.

Consult with five trusted friends. Show them your list of 10 ideas and have them also brainstorm some ideas. It may help to show them your list of words associated with your concierge business, your business description and mission and your list of services. Once they’ve come up with some ideas, review all the ideas and have everyone list their top five. Tally up the results and write the top five on your notepad.

Spend at least a week with the five suggested names before you pick a final name for your concierge business. Ultimately, it’s up to you to select the final name.