How to Be a Good Office Manager

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What is an office manager? This title can have many different interpretations, but an office manager is mainly known as the person who holds the general administrative responsibilities in the workplace. Depending on the size of the company, some take care of the whole office and some of an entire department. In this role, it is not unusual for an office manager to delegate tasks to employees. There are several key qualities you should possess to be a great office manager.

Be a strong, decisive leader. This role requires good leadership and, at times, employee mentoring. You will have to be confident in your ability to take the initiative with problems that arise both in the work that's turned in and the people doing the work.

Organizational skills, time management and prioritizing your work will be essential in the job, as you will have to deal with not only your work but also with other people's work, maybe you have to review it or give advice.

Know how to be a good listener and how to be flexible, since in the job you will probably get plenty of people coming to you for advice and sometimes you need to know how to be more flexible and not too rigid.

Good communication skills, this has also to do with being a good listener and at the same time make people understand what you are saying, usually the best way is to be clear and concise.

Professionalism, this is also very important as people will look at you as their "leader" and the best way to gain the respect of others is to be professional in everyway, the way you talk and express yourself, the way you treat people and the way you dress to come to the office.

An office manager needs to have patience, plenty of times you will come across obstacles and people that will frustrate you but it is important to take deep breaths and keep calm.

You also need to be a good motivator, this part may take some time but motivating people can be as simple as giving gift cards after a project has been accomplished or paying for pizza while working late. Of course there is more than that and a good motivator is always motivating people.

Give positive feedback; most people want acknowledgement, so when someone has done a great job it is good to let them know, we tend to want to be appreciate it, and it is amazing that when someone feels appreciate it, their work will improve too.