How to Announce a Job Promotion

How to Announce a Job Promotion. Getting a promotion is a time for celebration, but it's also a time for tact if your colleagues also coveted the position. Discuss the news with them and create a transition strategy that will help you maintain your old relationships and earn your new co-workers' respect.

Ask your boss when he'll be telling the staff about your promotion. Find out if it's okay for you to break the news to a few of your co-workers in advance, so their disappointment or bitterness won't sabotage your authority before it starts.

Tell selected colleagues about the promotion. Accept congratulations gracefully, but also express regret that they couldn't receive similar advancement. When your boss makes the official announcement, recognize some of your colleagues by mentioning the strengths they bring to the team.

Uncover the reason why the boss promoted you over the others. Fill them in if possible, particularly if it's something specific that gave you a slight edge. If you took a class, earned another degree or participated on a vital project, for example, that information may be helpful to them for future opportunities.

Implement changes slowly once you assume your new role in the company. If you're still working with your former peers, establish your authority but explain that you still want to function as a team. Get their input on projects and give them credit when it's due.

Help your trusted colleagues succeed by giving them additional day-to-day responsibilities, letting them know about upcoming promotion opportunities and offering a recommendation if they apply.


  • Don't expect your former teammates to respect you more just because you're the boss. Maintain your friendships, but realize you might have to distance yourself if they're assuming you'll automatically side with them in disputes or let them slack off on projects, for example.