Before you open a bakery in your home, it’s your responsibility to get an inspection and license through the health department or food-regulation industry in your city and state. Other requirements include community zoning adherence and having the proper liability insurance.

Local Licensing

You may or may not need a license to operate a home baking business. To find out, contact your local city hall or courthouse. A phone call to the county clerk office should help direct you to the right place.

Doing Business As Is

Most home baking businesses are registered as DBAs (Doing Business As Is). This is the legal name given to the business other than your own name. Registering as a DBA will help you operate and advertise under a professional business name. Register the business name with the county clerk and pay the licensing fee.

Health Inspections

Health inspections will be performed regularly with the state agriculture agency or the local public health department where you live. Cake Business provides a list of these agencies by state:

Local Zoning

Find out what your local zoning laws are through your township or municipality. Restrictions may apply to your neighborhood. Visit to find regulations in your state.

Building Permits

Also, keep in mind that if you are making significant changes to accommodate your bakery, you will need to contact your city or county building department to ensure the safe operation of your business.