Twitter has been called micro blogging because you get only 140 characters -- and that include spaces -- to tweet about what's on your mind. While the site is loaded with celebrities, fashionistas and sports figures, it also works for Internet marketing, driving traffic to your CPA -- cost per action or cost per acquisition -- offers.

Check the CPA Policies

CPA companies act as a third party between a promoter and a company that owns a product or service. Before doing anything, check the CPA terms and policies to see if Twitter is allowed. Some product companies prohibit the use of social media or email for promotion. If that's the case, you can't directly promote the CPA offer on Twitter but you can use Twitter to drive traffic to a blog or website where the CPA offer is linked.

Set Up a Blog or Website

The CPA company has to approve your site and your application before you can select offers to promote. Different CPA companies have different selection requirements. Usually, as long as your site looks reasonable there isn't a problem. Once you're approved, select the offers you'd like to promote.

Set Up a Twitter Account

It's not difficult or complicated and shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Add a photo so you look like a real person who wants to communicate with others; not just someone using Twitter for promotion. Read the terms of service and the Twitter account rules. Tweets should be more of a personal update rather than just a sales message and URL, per the Twitter rules. That means always include something about you that's non-promotional in your tweets.

Obtain Followers

Once the account is set up, invite people to follow you on Twitter. Twitter will suggest people for you to follow. Take the time to read their Twitter home pages to see if they're a good fit for you. Follow others on Twitter by clicking on the "Follow Button" under their name. Most of the time the person you follow will follow you back.

Start Tweeting

Any time you promote CPA offers on Twitter, keep the tone conversational rather than a hard sell. Keep in mind that Twitter sells advertising and may prefer that you advertise with them rather than using free tweets. Tweets that are overly promotional run the risk of being reported by your followers. If too many people block you or tell Twitter you're sending spam, your Twitter account can be banned. Twitter also has mechanisms in place that can tell if you're following too many people at once.