Sensitivity is the key when announcing a job promotion. Employees who didn’t receive the promotion might feel upset or resentful and other employees might be concerned about the change in management. It’s important to take their feelings into consideration when you make your announcement. Plan what you’ll say and how you’ll say it before you schedule a meeting or write an email regarding the promotion.

Inform Other Candidates

Informing the other candidates requires a personal touch. Schedule individual meetings with the employees who applied for the position and tell them that they did not receive the promotion. Explain that the decision was difficult and each candidate’s qualifications, skills, education and experience were carefully considered. Be prepared to explain why an employee didn’t receive a promotion. For example, you might mention that the employee doesn’t have experience in project management or in supervising a large department. Tell candidates that you know that they are disappointed and offer suggestions regarding what they can do to improve their skills or acquire new skills that will help them get a future promotion.

Hold a Departmental Meeting

Announce the promotion to the employees who will report to the newly promoted employee next. Ask her to join you at the meeting. Explain the reasons why the person was promoted and discuss how you think she can help the department be successful. Explain how the new reporting structure will work and when the promotion will take effect. Ask the newly promoted employee to speak to the group and tell them what she hopes to accomplish in her new position.

Write an Announcement

Prepare a formal announcement regarding the promotion. The information you include in the announcement can also serve as source material when you write a press release regarding the promotion. Congratulate the employee and mention her new title and new department, if applicable. Note when she joined the company and list the various roles she has held. Include a brief outline of her new duties and any information that will help staff understand her new role. Mention when the promotion takes effect and include information regarding how to contact the employee if she has a new office or telephone extension.

Inform the Entire Company

Let the rest of the company know about the promotion. Different companies announce promotions in different ways. Find out if there is a particular protocol regarding promotion announcements. If your company announces promotions through email or memo, obtain the distribution or email list and send the formal announcement to employees. If your company announces promotions on the company intranet or in a newsletter, contact the employee who manages intranet content or edits the newsletter and submit the formal announcement.