How to Get the Official Twitter Check

Matt Cardy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For some people, having a verified account on Twitter is the holy grail of the social media world. While the value of your followers knowing that your Twitter account really belongs to you and not an impostor can't be denied, Twitter is rather particular about who it verifies and you generally can't just ask for it. However, there are still a few angles you can pursue in your quest for the blue check.

About Verification

Twitter uses verification to ensure that well-known people and companies are actually who they say they are. This enables other Twitter users to know they're interacting with the real deal and it prevents people from following fake accounts. This protects both individuals as well as brands from having their identities stolen, misrepresented or used for a variety of nefarious purposes.

Qualifications for Verification

Twitter tends to focus on notable public personalities and brands as its targets for verification. Actors, musicians, political figures, athletes, journalists and prominent business people are just a few of the people Twitter actively verifies. Twitter also states that it doesn't accept verification requests from the general public and that neither tweet count nor follower count factors into who's chosen for verification. In short, Twitter generally only verifies famous people or those who are otherwise notable in their chosen fields.

Steps You Can Take

While Twitter takes a "don't call us, we'll call you" approach to verification, there are some tactics you can try to get Twitter to extend the invitation. Apart from having your agent reach out to Twitter or having an in with someone in the company, it's possible to make your account stand out to @Verified. Demonstrate value to the community through your tweets, make useful and intelligent tweets, and follow other verified users and interact with them. If you have a large follower or fan base, have them campaign directly to @Verified on your behalf to get you that check mark. While directly begging yourself generally goes nowhere, strong public support can go a long way. It may be worth checking with your company's management too, as Twitter sometimes will offer company-wide verification to high-level employees at prominent companies.

Verification Process

Once Twitter decides your account qualifies for the little blue check mark, you'll be followed by @Verified, which will then send you a direct message inviting you to click a link to begin the verification process. An email also goes to your address on file with Twitter. You're then asked to identify tweets, which determine how well you understand what kind of tweets engage followers and what doesn't work, much like a quiz. Next, you're asked to follow other verified accounts and finally you secure verified status by changing your password to increase security on your account. Soon after, the verified check mark appears on your account.