Quantity Surveying Courses

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Quantity surveyors, also known as construction estimators, generally manage all costs relating to civil engineering, building and construction projects from the initial calculations to the final figures. Quantity surveyors are responsible for ensuring the best value for money within the required quality standards. Courses in quantity surveying are available at undergraduate levels as well as graduate degree levels, providing aspiring quantity surveyors the required skills to succeed in the profession.

Principles of Construction Management Course

Courses in basic principles of construction management introduce students to the basic principles of the construction industry. The course trains students how various construction elements integrate into a comprehensive construction project, such as how heating and cooling, electrical and plumbing systems and a building's framework affect a construction project. Other lessons in basic principles of construction management courses aimed at properly grounding students in the construction industry may include lessons on the development of current building laws, regulations and codes, and the history of the construction industry.

Construction Methods and Materials Course

A quantity surveyor's responsibilities involves anticipating material costs for the construction method, making instructions in construction materials and methods an important part of a quantity surveyor’s training. Courses in construction methods and materials equip students with an understanding of how ordering decisions in a construction project affect the overall cost of a project. Lessons in the course include cost and risk analysis and sustainability, with some construction methods and materials courses having separate lessons for residential and commercial building projects.

Construction Costs Estimating Course

Courses on estimating construction costs train aspiring quantity surveyors how to develop cost estimations for a variety of projects, including residential and commercial construction projects, usually with estimating software. The students learn to factor in aspects that affect construction costs, such as construction materials, labor, equipment, company overhead and profit.

Advanced Construction Costs Course

Advanced construction costs courses explore deeper into the relationship between project construction planning and managing and cost estimating. Students train in topics such as work breakdown structures, various bidding strategies, and cost documentation. Laboratory lesson projects using industry-standard cost estimating software are assigned to individual students or groups of students to simulating a real working environment where students can acquire practical hands-on skills.