What Is an SPSS Data Access Pack?

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Students and businesses in more than 100 countries around the world use SPSS Inc. analytics. The software itself offers, users the ability to: create regressions model, advance models tables, show comprehensive forecasting, show optimal scaling procedures, product trade-off effects, calculate exact P values, describe patterns of missing data, create graphs and maps, analyze survey data, create tree-based classifications models, provide quick visual snapshots of data. The software package comes in two parts, the guide book and the data access pack.


The company that invented the statistical package for the social sciences statistical (SPSS) software is the leader in predictive analytics technologies. For more than 37 years and with more than 120,000 corporations in more than 100 countries SPSS Inc. continues to maintain high standards in statistical software innovation, according to the company's website.

Noteworthy Features

Republican and Democratic parties’ poll citizens using analytics from SPSS Inc. Upwards of 90 percent of the top U.S. universities use SPSS Inc. software. The top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world use SPSS Inc. analytics.


The SPSS data access pack provides SDAP Documentation, DataDirect Documentation. Links provide a download for the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Within the access pack there are FTP Downloads and installations for IBM SPSS Statistics. The SDAP documentation includes, (1) SPSS Inc. for Windows Data Access Pack installation instructions - (PDF), (2) SPSS Inc., for Linux Data Access Pack installation instructions - (PDF), (3) SPSS Inc., server for UNIX Data Access Pack Installation Instructions - (PDF), (4) SPSS Inc., Data Access Pack Installation for IBM eServer - (PDF).


The software included within the SPSS data access pack will enable the user of SPSS software to detect fraud, predict demand for products, and conduct comprehensive forecasting through advanced calculations of data. Another particularly specific feature is in Science and Healthcare. The SPSS data access pack installs statistical abilities to carry out lifesaving research, improving patient outcomes through the use of predictive analytics.


The Data Access Pack does not allow the user to download installations that work without the SPSS inc., products. Short of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be used as a standalone product, SPSS Inc. Data Access Pack may only be used in conjunction with SPSS Inc., products. Any other use is strictly prohibited. When usng the SPSS Inc. software, you need to realize that the first purchase is a two-part purchase. When updating the SPSS Inc., statistical software, the Data Access Pack generally remains the same and does not need to be repurchased unless new downloads or integral installations become available. Nonetheless most SPSS Inc. software products come with a Data Access Pack.